The way in which an initial concept and some vague vision is transformed into a tangible new RAUSCH collection that we can see and touch never ceases to amaze us. We find it always pays off to strive towards the ideal, towards the perfect symbiosis between aesthetics and function. This means rejecting, modifying, optimising and challenging drafts until we are finally confident that they fulfil the highest standards that we expect of a RAUSCH product.
We would like to give you the chance to look behind the all-important design scenes today by introducing you to two of RAUSCH's creative minds. Please welcome Florian Viererbl and Erich Wimberger!

Erich Wimberger

The stone sculptor and product designer, born in 1952, works with his design studio for corporate clients based in central and northern Europe.
Erich Wimberger has been working with the RAUSCH development team as a designer since 1981.
Being able to span a range of different skills is key in Wimberger's line of work. Alongside product development, his repertoire as a designer also includes graphic art and photography. His projects are not only distinctive, but are also based on an aesthetic that stands the test of time.

Florian Viererbl

Florian Viererbl, born in 1974, works as a product designer for famous companies such as Siemens and Lamborghini. His products have won international design awards, such as the Silver German Design Award (Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland), the "Red Dot Award", the "Good Design Award" and the "iF Award".
In 2003, he was working together with the designer Marie Schmid-Schweiger, producing preliminary designs for RAUSCH. Architecturally speaking, his work is characterised by clean forms, which he combines with a range of first-class materials and sophisticated practical solutions.